plant pr collaborators


Plant PR is built on relationships with other organizations and individuals.

The following businesses have worked with us to foster our symbiotic network, in which reciprocal giving has resulted in success for all parties. We are extremely grateful for every opportunity we have to collaborate with others and offer the most sincere thanks for the support given to Plant PR.

PCC Cleaning Services, North Vancouver, BC

Rocksteady Boxing, New Westminster, BC

Eyewear Experts, Red Deer, AB

Supreme Level Media, Edmonton, AB

Instant Memories, Edmonton, AB

Gini’s Restaurant, Edmonton, AB

Rapid Home Solutions, Edmonton, AB

Panda Hut Express, Edmonton, AB

Safety Supplies Canada, Edmonton, AB

Miss Saigon, Edmonton, AB

Trolley 5, Calgary, AB

Family Auto Sales Inc., Carstairs, AB

Skoah Kensington, Calgary, AB

Raw Canvas, Calgary, AB

Last Best Brewing & Distilling, Calgary, AB

The Spice Chica, Calgary, AB

Woodside Golf Course, Airdrie, AB

The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, Calgary, AB

HQ Pixel Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Anastasia Kircheva Photography, Calgary, AB

Vanya Salon, Calgary, AB

The Studio Space, Calgary, AB

AMCO NYC, New York City, NY

StarLite Rentals, Calgary, AB

Littles & Spice, Calgary, AB