Your Business Needs a Social Media Presence. Here’s Why.

business needs social media

Up until the last decade, businesses having a social media presence was unheard of and really not all that necessary. When Facebook first came to be, it was barely a step up from MySpace, and business profiles didn’t even exist. This has changed drastically in the past ten years, with business focus shifting even moreso over the past five, yet there are still countless companies who don’t think they need to be on social media at all. True, they might still do well and make sales and gain clients, but by foregoing social media, they actively lose out on opportunities that their competition will likely be taking advantage of.

There are four main aspects to social media involvement that prove its worth in terms of business use: Search engine optimization, target advertising, trust-building, and purchasing and sales.

Using social media for business boosts your website’s SEO.

A great content strategy is so important because search engine crawlers are constantly seeking out pages with frequent updates and high traffic volume. If your business shows up across several easy to update online platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, just to name a few), it is way more likely that your page will earn top spots in search engine rankings.

Advertising on social media allows for targeting and retargeting.

Social media ads are highly customizable, providing a guarantee that you will hit a large portion of your ideal demographic. For example, Facebook ads let you target people by education level, purchase history, and location. You can also choose to install a Facebook Pixel on your site, which is used to retarget people who may have visited your site and left before contacting you or making a purchase. More on the Facebook Pixel here.

Social media builds trust.

Having a presence across multiple channels does more for a company’s credibility than any rave review uploaded directly to their website. Having an active relationship with the public, be it past clients or prospective ones, provides an aspect of transparency that sometimes is missing by just having a website. A business can survive without a physical store, but not having a social presence (especially in a time where it is so easily accessible) is a definite negative in they eyes of a public audience.

Purchasing decisions are greatly influenced by social media.

Almost all major platforms are now heavily focused on their advertising strategies to lure marketers into building ads specifically for commerce. Improved APIs, targeting/retargeting, and the ability to manage audience data through custom dashboards are all ways that social media platforms help businesses attract customers who are looking to make a purchase. Reports from Crowdtap indicate that 64% of people use social media to find shopping inspiration (as compared to 51% last year). Almost half of these people are actively deciding what to buy based on what they have seen on social media platforms, be that through reviews, images, or algorithm-generated recommendations.

Now more than ever, having a strong online presence and a clear strategy is crucial for growth. Without these things, knowing what role these networks can have in your client acquisition is almost impossible. Luckily, losing out on potential sales or improperly targeting your current advertising can easily be avoided thanks to the availability of custom business platforms across a multitude of social media channels. Whether you’re approaching an online overhaul as a DIY project or you’ve hired a professional to get you going from the ground up, rest easy knowing that having a social media presence will only improve the overall impression of your business!

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