Staying On Track with a Time Allocation List

time allocation list

I wasn’t always a motivated self-starter. For a long time, I thought that I worked best under specific direction and with a rigid schedule that had been laid out in front of me by someone else. This all changed during my university degree, wherein I was assigned many tasks but it was up to me to juggle and balance and triage each item on the list, so to speak, in order that things were prioritized and finished and done well.

As a freelance publicist and social media manager, I have found that being able to multitask on a daily basis meanwhile having a structured daily schedule is an absolute blessing. I can tackle a multitude of things while at the same time ensuring that I don’t miss or drop one of them. With this in mind, I have become a huge fan of lists! To-Do lists, priority lists, general task lists. My favourite and constant go-to that I use to keep myself on track and in check is my Time Allocation list, where I basically outlined all the things that need to happen each day as well as how long each one will take. This helps me focus on the task at hand while also keeping it in proportion to how many hours are in my work day. Of course, these fluctuate a bit, but keeping an eye on the time ensures that I’m not allowing one task to swallow up my day at the expense of another.

So here it is, for your viewing/downloading pleasure!

daily schedule-1





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