Social Media Management

We pay careful attention to ever-changing algorithms to ensure that your content is being seen. This includes but is not limited to, consistent post scheduling, Page/Profile auditing, platform advertising and promoted posts, and liaising between you, our client, and your consumer. Social Media Management is our most popular service – go here for more information on our fees.

Digital Marketing

Closely related to Social Media Management, our Digital Marketing strategies aim for the largest reach of your targeted audience. Mobile ads on Instagram and Facebook, company pages on platforms like LinkedIn and Yelp, and website SEO audits and upgrades are examples of how we implement digital campaigns.

Content Creation

We create engaging digital imagery and content that is customized for each individual platform. This helps grow your audience and advance your brand. Graphic design of logos, advertisements, banner and profile images, and promotional videos are just a handful of additional elements we offer.

SEO & Web Development

Get more bang for your buck! Your website is one of the first points of contact potential clients will have with your business. Put your best foot forward with clean, easy to navigate WordPress designs! Search engine optimization ensures that you are being seen and promoted across multiple search engines, so it is crucial for growth and client acquisition.


We produce written material for branding purposes including websites, meta descriptions, blog posts, articles, advertisements, and emails. We maximize impact and return by focusing on a high-quality visual aesthetic, utilizing appropriate language, and proofreading with care.

Event Services

Coordinating, hosting, promoting – you name it, we do it. From early stage planning to day-of management and post-event follow up with guests and sponsors, we’ll help guarantee your event is a memorable success. Face-to-face engagement at special events can make a world of difference for your business — let us take care of your event coordinating needs to ensure that your clients experience all you have to offer in the best possible setting!


Plant PR is built on relationships with other organizations and individuals. The following businesses have worked with us to foster our symbiotic network, in which reciprocal giving has resulted in success for all parties!


Please note that Plant PR supports the community by providing pro bono representation for less privileged clients and select startups. To be considered for this opportunity, please send us a message outlining your request and we will be in contact with you upon review.